CO-OP Preferred Marketing

Targeted Quarterly Marketing Campaigns



CO-OP Preferred Marketing quarterly campaigns could be the easiest, most cost-effective way to increase card usage.

Using CO-OP Revelation to analyze your members' financial habits, each quarterly CO-OP Preferred campaign targets segments ripe for growth: low-volume and low-spend users, and new members with inactive debit cards. When cardholders reach target spending levels during the campaign month, they earn valuable incentives.

All aspects of the CO-OP Preferred quarterly campaign are fully managed. We will:

  • Identify your target groups using CO-OP Revelation
  • Create the campaign
  • Customize direct mail with your credit union logo
  • Manage direct mail
  • Fulfill incentives
  • Analyze results and deliver them to you

And new for 2016, you can even add on email marketing to further boost your direct mail reach.

To learn more about how CO-OP Preferred can boost your marketing power, take a look at the slipsheet, debit and credit results from previous Preferred campaigns, success stories and more.


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