My Deposit Branch

The cost savings of streamlined in-branch check processing are now within reach of every credit union. My Deposit Branch enables any branch to easily submit check deposits electronically to their item processor.

With a certified scanner and a secure Web-based application, your credit union can more efficiently scan, verify and submit checks at the back office. This switch to image processing from paper check processing:

  • Can reduce item-processing charges by more than 50%.
  • Increases speed and ease of check processing.
  • Eliminates courier costs to transport paper checks.
  • Automates delivery to item processor.
  • Analyzes 100+ risk factors to minimize risk.
  • Decreases set-up cost and time with its Web-based interface.
  • Remotely handles its own compliance and security updates.
  • Relieves your branch from maintaining software expertise or local servers with software-as-a-service delivery.