RealPay by CO-OP

RealPay by CO-OP - Real-Time Good Funds Payments



Person-to-Person Payments 

RealPay by CO-OP makes it possible for your members to send money to anyone from the convenience of their mobile phones. 

These are the members you want to attract and keep: younger, tech-savvy consumers who conduct their personal and professional business on the go. Give them one more reason to love their credit union - and maintain your competitive edge with RealPay. 

  • Instant Gratification for Members: Balances update in real time, and the money arrives at the speed of the plugged-in world.  Recipients simply receive a message, input their information and receive their funds. Funds arrive instantly to RealPay users; funds arrive via ACH to out-of-network receivers.*  
  • Easy and Secure For Credit Unions:   A RTGF (real-time good funds) model ensures money is available, and virtually eliminates settlement risks. Already in CO-OP Connect or CO-OP Shared Branching? You'll be up and running in no time. 

Offer RealPay to your members, tailored to address your credit union's needs.  RealPay is offered as a function of Sprig, a component of the new CO-OP Mobile or as an API which can be integrated into your mobile offering. 

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* If both sender and receiver participate in RealPay and the networks it accesses, the funds arrive instantly. If the receiver's institution is out-of-network, funds will arrive via ACH.