CardNav by CO-OP

Card Controls and Alerts with CardNav by CO-OP



Give your members mobile control of their cards

CardNav by CO-OP lets members manage control of their debit and credit cards using a smartphone app. It's great for business members whose employees use company cards, for parents wishing to monitor their children's spending and for anyone wanting to ensure their cards are being used how they want, where they want.

CardNav by CO-OP also adds another layer of security to your in-house card programs. Members can turn their cards on and off in real-time and set alerts that will let them know if a card is used in an unusual or unapproved manner. Choose the standalone application or integrate the CardNav functionality into your existing app with the new API option. 

From the convenience of their smartphone, members can:

  • Turn the card on or off
  • Limit locations where the card may be used
  • Set thresholds for transaction amount
  • Specify the types of transactions and merchants where the card can be used

Members can also choose to receive real-time alerts:

  • When the card is used in a location other than those specified by the member
  • When transactions are made over, or balances fall below, a pre-set amount
  • When the card is used for an unapproved transaction type or merchant type

CardNav by CO-OP is available to any credit union that processes its debit or in-house credit programs through CO-OP. You can contact or get in touch with your CO-OP representative to see the potential ROI of CardNav by CO-OP.