Bill Pay

Bill Pay Woman OnlineOur financial interactions are increasingly going digital. So offering an online bill payment solution is no longer an option for credit unions that want to retain member loyalty. CO-OP offers three levels of Bill Pay that give your members smooth, secure and convenient online-payment capabilities that rival the largest banking institutions in the nation.

Premium, fully hosted solution lets members receive, view, manage and pay all bills, electronic or not. Its enhanced capabilities include eBills, P2P payments (account transfers, PayPal), mobile bill pay, expedited payments, member alerts, automatic payments, and customizable reports. MemberPayPLUS also integrates with a comprehensive digital banking solution, for credit unions that want one provider for online, tablet and mobile banking.

Basic online bill pay solution allows single, recurring and future-dated payments.

"Remit-only" solution works with your existing online banking data warehouse and bill payment front end, and allows payments to any payee in the U.S. and its territories.

Offer these CO-OP Bill Pay options independently-or upgrade your entire suite of digital services with CO-OP/Alkami Online Relationship Builder, which includes our top-of-the-line MemberPayPLUS as part of the package.  



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