Debit and In-House Credit

Want to grow revenue and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?  With CO-OP Debit there is a solution that not only combines PIN and signature transactions into a single platform, but provides a completely comprehensive portfolio of debit capabilities. CO-OP Debit goes beyond the transaction to provide everything you need to encourage debit card use and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. 

CO-OP Debit offers: 

  • The most comprehensive debit-issuer solution available to credit unions.
  • Payment expertise based on the frontline experience of member credit unions, payments experts and project teams.
  • Credit-union-focused support that lowers operating costs.
  • Powerful fraud protection and risk management backed by outstanding service.
  • An implementations team with years of experience.
  • Member Rewards by CO-OP to build member loyalty.
  • Consumer marketing support to drive increased debit transactions.
  • CO-OP Revelation tools to optimize debit and ATM performance. 

Analytics and Rewards Maximize the performance of your debit portfolio with CO-OP solutions that help you understand your members' behavior and employ the most appropriate strategies to motivate them. Member Rewards by CO-OP now features a dedicated mobile app that makes accessing and using rewards easier and more rewarding for your members.

Fraud and Risk Management Fraudsters have an ever-evolving collection of tricks to make the convenience of debit cards costly for you and infuriating for your members. CO-OP takes care of this challenge with a team of experienced analysts who save credit unions millions in fraud losses a month.

Member Support Services With CO-OP, you have more than a debit portfolio. You have a partnership. Our industry-leading service generates increases in member satisfaction of more than 10 percent a year, and a net promoter score above 60%.

Alternative Payments The range of payment options tailored to specific stages in a member's financial lifecycle keeps growing. CO-OP strengthens your appeal as a Primary Financial Institution by providing a myriad of options designed to attract fertile segments like the youth and the un-banked.

Debit Transaction Processing A single platform for signature and PIN transactions saves operating expense. Dual sites provide unprecedented uptime. CO-OP Debit Transaction Processing has plenty to offer you, as well as your members.

CO-OP Reporting The latest one-click management summary reports, including Acquirer data and all the daily detail reports you're used to.