Credit: Full Service and In-House

CO-OP's efficient credit solution puts flexibility and control in your hands, so you can offer your members terms that "big name" card providers can't or won't. This means more profit and enhanced member relationships for you. A single platform for debit and credit streamlines your operational processes. Additionally, you'll simplify your portfolio management by having a single trusted CO-OP account representative, a single invoice, volume discounts and industry-leading fraud prevention and management-as well as a fully managed loyalty program.

Compete against other financial institutions with a credit union-centric solution that offers:

  • Robust analytics with CO-OP Revelation that offers insight into your card portfolio for maximum performance.
  • Strong Revenue Generation-Balance your debit and credit program's interchange income.
  • Greater program control-The flexibility to determine underwriting guidelines and set all rates and fees.
  • Lower costs-Through the volume and relationship pricing CO-OP can make possible.
  • Simplified service-With one point of contact for both credit and debit, backed by the industry's highest customer-service ratings.
  • Better member experience-No float or lag time for payment and transaction posting, thanks to real-time data integration.
  • More productive member relationships-Insights gained from a full-spectrum view of members' credit, debit and ATM accounts let you include relevant communications in monthly statements and offers.

CO-OP Credit gives you all the tools you need to maximize the performance of your credit portfolio: