ATM Check Imaging

Simple for Members, Time Saving for CUs

CO-OP ATM Check Imaging offers your members a vastly simplified deposit process while lightening the load for tellers. It's easily integrated into existing hardware and supported by the major manufacturers.

Members will be able to make deposits with no envelope, no deposit slip, and no teller interaction. With CO-OP ATM Check Imaging, your members simply insert checks into the ATM, key in the amount, then validate the deposit with an on-screen image. The ATM generates a receipt with a scanned image of the check.

Afterward, check images are consolidated into a batch and sent directly to your item processor. Then each day, you review and balance the images while paper checks remain in the ATM for pickup and archiving. CO-OP ATM Check Imaging makes daily ATM visits a thing of the past, and reduces teller activity and staffing costs by moving members' check deposits from the teller's counter to the ATM.

Early Warning, a fraud and loss-prevention tool, can be paired with ATM Check Imaging to protect against potentially high-risk check deposits at the point of transaction. It is an optional enhancement that works across all platforms, including mobile, online, ATM, and branch. Early Warning lets you set dollar limits for automatic verification and provides status responses on 95% of accounts in the U.S. Now that ATM Check Imaging offers convenience, Early Warning gives you a peace of mind.

Check out the ATM Check Imaging Slipsheet and FAQs under the Downloads section to your right to learn more about the advantages of CO-OP ATM Check Imaging for you and your members.

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