ATM Terminal Driving

When leveraged to its full potential, the ATM channel can be your primary tool for deepening member engagement and expanding member relationships. This means more high-touch opportunities to retain and attract new members, as well as cross-sell services to generate income. As the category leader and only processor with solutions tailored specifically for the credit union movement, CO-OP ATM offers you the simplest yet most innovative and comprehensive program available. It's complete with all the features you need to reduce costs, technical issues, security concerns and overhead, allowing you to implement the most effective ATM solution for today, and plan for the future:

  • Optimize your fleet operations using CO-OP's expert ATM consultation services.
  • Choose your own in-house or outsourced solution from the vendors you prefer.
  • Extend the quality of your member experience to ATMs, regardless of make or model.
  • Reach your members with remotely tailored marketing messages and cross- sell opportunities.
  • Offer members the opportunity to make a donation to CMN Hospitals at your ATM via an optional add-on transaction.
  • Offer seamless access through virtually every major national and regional network in which you participate.

ATM Processing using the most flexible, reliable and fraud-resistant infrastructure available exclusively to credit unions.

CO-OP Reporting all the details and formats you need to monitor daily and monthly activity

ATM Innovations that offer new levels of operational efficiency and member service.

ATM Self-Service to put even greater capabilities in the hands of your members.

Charitable Donations can be accepted through Diebold or NCR ATMs, allowing members to simply contribute as they conduct business at a participating credit union's ATM.