Check Imaging

Check ImagingRetain members who find branch visits inconvenient, shorten teller lines for others, and reduce your costs for processing deposits.

With CO-OP's full range of integrated check imaging solutions, you can capture, proof and clear digital check images "on location." And you can give your members the convenience of on-the-spot deposits with faster access to their funds-positioning your credit union as an innovative, trusted and preferred partner.

CO-OP's Check Imaging options all work to move routine member account activity away from the teller window to the point of need, enhancing member satisfaction and retention, while freeing your branch team to focus on selling additional products. From ATMs to mobile phones to businesses and homes, there's a CO-OP check imaging solution to match any member's needs.

CO-OP My Deposit makes it easy to scan and deposit checks from homes, businesses, branches, ATMs and Fast Branch kiosks.

ATM Check Imaging allows members to scan and deposit checks at the ATM with no envelopes or deposit slips, and receive a receipt with the scanned check image.


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