CO-OP Revelation

Robust Analytics for Informed Marketing Decisions




Market directly at your unique membership segments with CO-OP Revelation, our data-mining tool that helps you create actionable, profitability-boosting programs based on membership data. CO-OP Revelation digs deep into your card and terminal transactions and presents that information in clear, compelling reports to help you understand and influence cardholder behavior.

CO-OP Revelation also helps fight fraud by identifying fraud patterns and vulnerabilities in minutes, and find cardholders affected by merchant breaches as well as non-merchant points of compromise. 

Three levels of CO-OP Revelation give you the service that best addresses your debit and/or in-house credit portfolio challenges.

Level 1: Revelation Reports One-click reports summarizing key stats and trends with clear, compelling charts and graphs - suitable for Board/Leadership analysis.

Level 2: Revelation Analytics All the Level 1 benefits, plus sophisticated data analysis capabilities, detailed demographic data, portfolio alerts and recommendations, marketing campaigns, benchmarking, and more. 

Level 3: Revelation Consultation All the Level 1 and 2 benefits, plus expert analyses, portfolio review, fully-managed marketing campaigns, customized support, benchmarking, and training, fraud mitigation, Board of Directors support, and more - all completely outsourced through CO-OP Financial Services. 

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