Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout Page ImageMake it easier for your members to pay online.

Visa Checkout is a safe, simple and easy way to check out online. It lets you offer members a convenient and secure digital payments solution, which encourages online payments using your Visa® credit or debit cards.

Your members only need to set up an account once and start speeding through the online checkout process with a single account that can be used across all devices.

By giving your members an easier way to pay with their card online - it increases your overall card usage.

  • Removes payment friction - Visa Checkout removes many of the pain points within the checkout process making shopping online more convenient for your members.
  • Lead with your brand - Visa Checkout leads with your brand by integrating your card art directly onto the Visa Checkout button.
  • Digital Risk Management - Using advanced security tools, such as device fingerprinting and step-up authentication, Visa Checkout helps prevent fraud by verifying that cardholders are who they say they are before they make a purchase.
  • Build your role as an innovator - By offering members an easier way to pay online, encourage them to view your credit union as an innovator in payment solutions - and to look to you for additional financial technology services.

Contact your sales representative to offer Visa Checkout now, give us a call at 800.782.9042, option 2, or email Click on the resources on the right for more details.

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