Total Revelation

Understanding your cardholders' behavior is the first step to influencing it. CO-OP Total Revelation was designed to help you manage your card programs, engage your members, boost your bottom line and ultimately grow your credit union.

With CO-OP Total Revelation, you have the robust Analytics you need for sophisticated data analyses that can inform marketing programs and drive issuer performance. It offers you deep insight into your full portfolio's performance - right down to the transactions of an individual card, network, merchant or ATM.

CO-OP Total Revelation includes marketing and management components that together provide a winning solution.

  • Improve portfolio profitability by uncovering hidden opportunities within transaction data and cardholder demographics
  • Make more informed marketing decisions backed by an in-depth understanding of your members' behavior and demographics.
  • Analyze how members, as well as non-members, use your ATMs, so you can best assign location sties and targeted promotional campaigns.
  • Perform peer-to-peer comparisons on your Debit card performance and develop customized benchmarking.
  • Save marketing costs and resources with turnkey debit marketing campaigns and custom credit campaigns, tailored to your members' transaction behaviors.
  • Lower fraud losses by identifying fraud patterns and vulnerabilities down to the transaction-level in minutes rather than hours.
  • Save your staff hours of labor to create management reports with one-click Revelation Reports.
  • Eliminate the need for in-house software maintenance with web-based application maintained by CO-OP.
  • Receive expert recommendations on how to turn around below-average performance.



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