Leaders InnovationYou are always looking for new products to offer and ways to attract new customers. CO-OP Financial Services in partnership with The Members Group (TMG) can help you do both. TMG developed their own ATIRA brand of reloadable prepaid cards to give your members a flexible, turnkey solution.

TMG's prepaid program carries the Visa® logo, allowing them to be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Their personalized, reloadable card gives cardholders the power of a Visa card without the risk of debt.  When funds are low, the card can be reloaded at a financial institution, by direct deposit or via the internet. ATIRAreload is an attractive alternative for monitoring teen spending, travel expenses or reaching the underbanked market. Spending is limited to the amount loaded on the card and purchases are backed by Visa, so your cardholders' funds are well-protected.


  • Compete with other financial institutions
  • Keep members from going across the street to "the big bank"
  • Position your credit union with the latest products/services
  • Expand reach to underserved consumers and/or those that do not qualify for or choose not to have traditional account relationship
  • Implement a "turn-down" strategy that carries little if any risk
  • Help teach financial responsibility
  • Provide opportunity to cross-sell other credit union services

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