More loyal debit card users. More debit card transactions. And ultimately, more interchange revenue. That's the beauty of CO-OP Contactless Processing, the debit card enhancement that offers credit union members "tap-and-go" simplicity, with more advanced fraud protection than other payment methods.

Convenient Contactless Processing transmits payment details wirelessly via secure radio frequency to the merchant terminal, requiring no physical contact with the payment device.

For your members, that means greater confidence and the freedom to use debit cards more widely. For you, it means stronger member loyalty to debit cards, securing your position as your members' financial institution of choice, and broadening your appeal to Gen X and Y audiences.

CO-OP Contactless offers:

  • The ability to build your image as an innovative financial institution by providing contactless technology in key fobs, stickers, watches, cell phones and any other object that can carry a chip, as well as traditional cards.
  • Quick, easy transactions estimated to be 40% faster than cards and 55% faster than cash.
  • More safety from layered security features such as dynamic verification code generation.
  • More transactions and interchange revenue from the flexibility to support both PIN and signature transaction accounts.


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