Risk Management Systems

An extensive portfolio of advanced risk-management technologies provides the second level of protection in CO-OP's three-tiered debit fraud protection system. This suite of tools uses specific cardholder data to perform validation and edit checks during the authorization process.

  • Falcon™ Fraud Manager-the industry-leading neural network fraud detection system performs real-time evaluations before authorizations occur, dramatically reducing your fraud losses.
  • Name Match-protects against identity theft, card skimming and counterfeiting protection by comparing the Track 1 names on incoming authorizations to names in the cardholder file on the CO-OP system.
  • PIN Validation-validates the PIN entered against the PIN offset stored in the card's magnetic strip.
  • CVV/CVC/CVI Authentication-prevents authorizations on "re-encoded" cards by validating the values encoded on the magnetic strip.
  • CVV2/CVC2 Authentication-provides merchants with additional safeguards against fraudulent online and telephone orders.
  • Daily Limits-verifies BIN level daily withdrawal limits.
  • Internet Cardholder Identity Verification-protects online transactions using Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
  • PIN Change-lets cardholders choose their own PINs without compromising security.
  • Address Verification-matches the billing address provided by a consumer to the address in the cardholder account file.
  • Exact Expiration Date Match-ensures expiration dates embossed and encoded on cards exactly match dates in cardholder files.
  • Positive Balance Match-checks availability of funds against transaction requests when balances are provided with cardholder file.
  • Daily Authorization Limits-minimizes fraudulent "binge spending" by letting you implement limits on velocity and daily withdrawal for different card types and programs at the BIN level.
  • Card Activation-protects your members from fraudulent use of non-received cards.
  • MasterCard Risk Finder-this MasterCard neural network product assigns risk scores that alert you to potentially fraudulent transactions.
  • Fraud Text & Email Notifications-Immediate notice to members when suspicious activity is detected at any time of day or night.
  • Authorization Block-This rapid-response capability lets you quickly launch an authorization block for all transactions that meet specified criteria, defeating the latest criminal schemes.
  • Card Alert Services-Provided by FICO, this capability rapidly detects PIN-based compromises and fraudulent ATM deposit activity utilizing industry-wide data, then notifies you so you can take action before fraud occurs.

·         Fraud Text & Email Notifications-Immediate notice to members when suspicious activity is detected at any time of day or night.