Dispute Processing & Fraud Recovery

By employing the knowledge and resources of CO-OP you can resolve signature debit transaction disputes and chargebacks in a way that carefully protects your financial interests and attentively serves your members. This third level of protection in CO-OP's three-tiered debit fraud protection system ensures adherence to stringent network regulations, and eases the burden on your credit union. Services include:

  • Draft Copy Requests/Retrievals service sends requests for customer photocopies of transaction tickets or sales drafts through the system for merchants to fulfill according to network regulations.
  • Chargeback Processing services include creating first chargebacks, issuing second chargebacks, resubmitting rejected items, and reporting any associated fraud to Visa and MasterCard as required to preserve chargeback rights.
  • Compliance Filing Assistance helps handle other, more complicated dispute-resolution options such as arbitration and compliance filings.

CO-OP understands the complexities of this highly regulated area and can handle the labor-intensive processing for you. Your credit union simply communicates with the cardholder and we do the rest.