CO-OP Reporting

For your best reporting option on Debit and Acquirer transactions, see CO-OP Revelation.

CO-OP provides you the convenience of daily and monthly reports via your choice of access method:

  • e-Reports (See more detail on E-Reports below)
  • FTP download
  • DirectConnect with a dedicated line

The types of information you received include the following:

Daily Reports:

  • Daily Totals Recap
  • Cardholder Activity
  • Issuer Adjustment for Interchange
  • Cardholder Deposit Activity
  • Cardholder Suspect Activity

End of Month Reports:

  • Institution Fee Summary by Bill Group
  • Institution Fee Settlement - Bill Group
  • Cardholder Foreign Items Analysis
  • Processor Performance Evaluation

Easy and Secure EFT Report viewing:  e-Reports
E-Reports delivers one file "bundle" to the user's PC and includes a Windows based data viewing and report mining application.

  • Conveniently downloads report bundles to your hard drive
  • Provides easy archiving, fast downloads and report access simultaneously
  • Offers powerful searching to find reports or data within reports
  • Protects your data with industry best practices
  • Works seamlessly with FIS E-Reports credit card processing data
  • Comparable in cost to microfiche, yet simpler to use and more efficient