Merchant Funded Rewards with ShopSPOT by CO-OP



Reward Members for Everyday Shopping!

Your members shop at national retailers like Macy's®, Best Buy® and Staples® every day. So encourage them to use your card for their online and in-store purchases by offering the merchant funded rewards program ShopSPOT by CO-OP - and they'll get more for every dollar they spend.

With ShopSPOT, members can earn points at more than 30,000 in-store locations and 3,500+ online merchants, simply by using their credit or debit cards. Points add up to cash, gift cards, discounts, deals and special buys. Your local merchants can join the program, too, and market their products and services by offering points as well as special deals for your members.

For in-store shopping, when members use your card, the points process is seamless. Online, members can shop through our portal or install a "Points" button in their browser and simply click to add to their account.