CO-OP Member Card Security Fraud Services

Nothing is more reassuring than having fraud and risk-management tools in place that you know will save you substantial amounts of money and minimize inconvenience for your members. Backed by personal assistance from 
CO-OP's fraud-prevention specialists, this first level of protection in CO-OP's three- tiered credit fraud protection system gives you the support you need to detect illegal activity quickly and deal with it effectively.

  • Predictive/Proactive Fraud Trend Analysis-CO-OP's expert fraud analysts use advanced scoring technology and round-the-clock research to enhance the capabilities of Falcon™ Fraud Manager, the industry-leading neural network fraud detection system.
  • Fraud Text & Email Notifications-Immediate notice to members when suspicious activity is detected at any time of day or night. 
  • 24/7 Case Management-Round-the-clock monitoring allows rapid member contact by live analysts, not automated calling machines to verify suspicious activity and temporarily block cards if a member can't be reached.
  • Authorization Block-This rapid-response capability lets you quickly launch an authorization block for all transactions that meet specified criteria, defeating the latest criminal schemes.
  • CO-OP Concierge-Lets members submit their travel plans and contact information to reduce the chance of having their cards blocked while they are away from home.
  • 24/7 Hotcarding-CO-OP's low-cost, toll-free hotline allows members to report lost or stolen cards even during non-business hours.
  • Notification Services-Rapidly detect compromised credit cards by simultaneously searching multiple transactions for points of compromise.