Fraud and Risk Management

Fraudsters have an ever-evolving collection of tricks to make the convenience of credit cards costly for you and infuriating for your members. CO-OP takes care of this challenge with a team of experienced analysts who save credit unions millions in fraud losses a month.

CO-OP's Card Member Security Team monitors trends and writes new rules daily to proactively attack fraud, increasing protection for cardholders and credit unions. While others may use similar tools, CO-OP adds sophisticated expertise in full-service fraud analysis and case management to keep you ahead of a threat that never stands still.

CO-OP's three-tier portfolio of solutions includes:

Member Card Security Fraud Services uses the industry-leading neural network fraud detection system, plus an advanced scoring system and specialized research, to provide 24/7 protection and handle member contacts using real people, not automated systems.

Risk Management Systems provide an array of technologies to take advantage of every opportunity to prevent fraud.

Dispute Processing and Fraud Recovery leverages the knowledge and resources of CO-OP to handle disputes and chargebacks for credit transactions, ensuring adherence to stringent network regulations and relieving your staff of these complex, time-consuming jobs.