Back Office Support

Handling disputes and chargebacks for credit transactions, while complying with the extensive regulations involved, is labor intensive and complex. CO-OP relieves you of this burden with Back Office Support that takes care of everything, so all you need to do is communicate with your cardholders. Using CO-OP Dispute Processing & Fraud Recovery tools from the third tier of CO-OP's Risk Management portfolio, we ensure adherence to stringent network regulations.

Simplify billing disputes and recovery of fraudulent charges with:

  • Draft Copy Requests (Retrievals)-Transmission of customer-provided photocopies of transaction tickets or sales drafts to the merchant, according to network regulations.
  • Chargeback Processing-Services include creating first chargebacks, issuing second chargebacks, resubmitting rejected items, and reporting any associated fraud to Visa and MasterCard as required to preserve chargeback rights.
  • Compliance Filing Assistance and Support-Provides specialized CO-OP expertise when needed to handle other, more complicated dispute resolution options such as arbitration and compliance filings.

Card Member Dispute Resolution (CMDR)
This service allows your members to call CO-OP directly. CMDR saves you time and resources in handling disputes, while giving your members access to dispute resolution anytime, day or night.