Member Call Center

Today we live in a world that functions 24/7. That means your members have needs beyond your normal hours of operation.

Included with your CO-OP Shared Branching service is the Member Call Center. The Member Call Center allows your members to access the same set of transactions they can access from any shared branching outlet (minus the cash and checks of course).

The Member Call Center is a simple but powerful shared service option that allows you to extend the hours of your credit union on a per call/transaction basis with absolutely no minimums. In fact, the transactions settle and bill within your current shared branching processing so you don't even have extra steps in your accounting or IT departments. And once you see how the product works, you can always upgrade to a fully branded contact center with member service and full-service lending support through the
CO-OP Member Center.

To give your members access, simply contact your shared branching representative or email and let them know you would like to opt-in. Once you do your members will have access to the Member Call Center however you wish. You can publish the number, 888-837-6500, you could add the number to your afterhours call tree in your phone system, or you could add the number as an overflow option when your call center is experiencing heavy volumes. Whichever method you choose, your members will benefit.

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