CO-OP Locator API Program

Provide your members with real time access to nearly 30,000 ATMs and more than 5,000 Shared Branching locations with the remote data feed from CO-OP.

The CO-OP data feed is a remote XML feed that operates through direct GET form posting of data to a URL.

Members can perform a search on your credit union website for ATM locations, Shared Branching locations, or both and the results are displayed directly to your credit union website.



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Download the CO-OP Remote Data Feed Instructions here.
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 Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is an API key?
A: API stands for Application Programming Interface Key and is a code generated to allow credit unions to access the CO-OP XML feed. The API key acts as both a unique identifier and secret token for authentication to use the CO-OP XML feed.

Q: What is the CO-OP XML feed?
A: The CO-OP XML (Extensible Markup Language) feed allows credit unions to easily incorporate ATM and/or Shared Branching search results onto their website. The feed never interferes with the operation of your website. Adding the feed provides functionality to your website and keeps members satisfied.

Q: Do I need an API key?
A: An API key is needed before October 31st in order to prevent a disruption in service only if you are currently using the CO-OP locator XML search feed to directly receive location search results to your CU website. If you are currently NOT using the feed, but might do so after October 31st, then you can register for an API key whenever you are ready to implement. You do not need an API key to link to the CO-OP locator's or to use the "CO-OP Search Widgets".

Q: If I only want to have a link on my website (ex: for
CO-OP location searches, do I still need to register for an API key?

A: No, registration of an API key is only required if you want to implement the CO-OP XML feed on your website.

Q: Is there a fee to register for an API or to use the CO-OP XML feed?
A: No, there are no costs for CO-OP clients to register for an API or use the CO-OP XML feed.

Q: What if I am not sure if I am already using an existing CUSC API key?
A:  If you are unsure then it is recommended to register for a new one before October 31st to ensure that any existing feed that you "might" be using is not interrupted.



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