Member Services

The majority of daily transactions such as balance inquiries and funds transfers, which often are relegated to home banking, are well suited for outsourcing to an experienced service provider.

CO-OP Member Services gives you a time and resource-saving alternate channel to handle this need. This frees your credit union to deal with more complex, high-involvement calls, including mortgage loans and investment or retirement accounts. And thanks to CO-OP's flexible solution, you can always choose to handle all calls when volume allows.

CO-OP Member Services provides:

  • 24/7 phone service, with a dedicated toll-free number for members to call.
  • Shared branching access using NGN Connection.
  • General account information, such as interest rates, new payment due date, payment amount and maturity date.
  • Account balance inquiries, transfers within the same membership account and much more.

Card Member Dispute Resolution (CMDR)
This service allows your members to call CO-OP directly. CMDR saves you time and resources in handling disputes, while giving your members access to dispute resolution anytime, day or night.

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