ATM Processing

ATM terminals that engage your members, and make life easier for you, require the best and most economical telecom infrastructure available. CO-OP's credit union-centric system handles everything with one fraud-resistant platform that uses dual-site processing for outstanding reliability and unprecedented uptime. With CO-OP's operationally efficient and economical solution, you can focus on your core competencies, using a variety of CO-OP tools to achieve peak performance from your ATM fleet.

CO-OP Connect provides you the lowest cost telecommunications infrastructure available with wired and wireless options.  

CO-OP Reporting - All the details and formats you need to monitor daily and monthly activity at your ATMs.

Core services available include:

  • Terminal driving for all major ATM manufacturers
  • ATM Monitoring tools,
    • Gasper Online™
    • Web Data Navigator
  • Terminal management tools
    • Device Inquiry to tracks the status of all your ATMs
    • Cash Manager to monitor cash positions
    • Electronic Journal (EJ) Upload
    • Remote key management
    • Compliance recommendations for ADA, lighting and fee notice disclosure