CO-OP's Miracle Match Program Can Double Your Donation!

Launched in 2008, CO-OP's Miracle Match Program is a $1 million philanthropic matching program that encourages credit unions, chapters and leagues to create and participate in local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals fundraisers. CMN Hospitals raises funds for 170 children's hospitals across North America. Funds are used in many ways, such as supporting research and training, to purchase equipment, and/or pay for uncompensated care. Local fundraising is a great way to express community spirit, and build stronger ties with your members, by staging events that involve them to raise more funds for this worthy cause.


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Join Shop for Miracles and help your League win $25,000 for your local CMN Hospital!

CO-OP Financial Services has just announced a new contest and we're hoping you'll participate!


What is the Shop for Miracles Contest?

CO-OP will award two State Leagues/Associations with a $25,000 donation made on their behalf to CMN Hospital(s) in their state(s). Winning Leagues/Associations will be selected as follows:

  1. The state with the most credit unions participating in Shop for Miracles
  2. The state with the highest percentage (%) of credit unions participating in Shop for Miracles

What is Shop for Miracles?

Shop for Miracles is a month-long Credit Unions for Kids fundraiser and member awareness campaign. Credit unions are asked to sign up for Shop for Miracles and make a donation on International Credit Union Day (October 20, 2016) on behalf of their debit/credit card users.

The suggested donation is $0.25 per member, but the amount is at the discretion of the credit union. CO-OP Financial Services will provide matching funds for credit unions that sign up for Shop for Miracles and apply for a match.

During the month of October, credit unions can also ask their members to use their favorite social media channel to post something they love about their credit union using #ShopforMiracles.  CO-OP Financial Services will donate $1 per post (up to $100,000) to Credit Unions for Kids/CMNH.

When is the contest?

Credit unions can pledge to participate in Shop for Miracles NOW through October 20, 2016 - International Credit Union Day. Sign up today at ShopForMiracles.CU4Kids.org.

Why is CO-OP Financial Services holding this contest?

  • To raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals by boosting participation in the Shop for Miracles program.
  • To raise consumer awareness of credit unions and their contributions to local communities.
  • To support International Credit Union Day and graphically demonstrate the huge local impact of credit unions working together cooperatively.
  • To provide an opportunity to highlight credit union debit and credit card programs in advance of the holiday shopping season.

It's Easy to Get Started

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You can raise even more funds with CO-OP Miracle Match!

All credit unions participating in Shop for Miracles are eligible to apply for a CO-OP Miracle Match and will be approved on this basis:

  • CO-OP Clients will receive matching funds dollar-for-dollar of what they raise up to $10,000
  • Non-CO-OP Clients will receive matching funds dollar-for-dollar of what they raise up to $1,000

After you sign up for Shop for Miracles, be sure to apply for a Miracle Match!*


*Please note - Credit unions must send their donation checks and Donation Reporting Form to CMN Hospitals National Office in Utah and submit their Miracle Match Post-Event form to CO-OP by December 1, 2016 to receive the matching funds.

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Miracle Match is open to all credit unions, chapters and leagues in the United States. Since program funds are limited, application approval and the match amount will be distributed according to the credit union(s) membership and business relationship with CO-OP, and to chapters/leagues that have one or more CO-OP member credit unions.

Events must raise funds for a member Children's Miracle Network Hospital and be conducted under the Credit Union for Kids brand.

Submission of an application is not a guarantee of a match.

Check(s) must be submitted to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital headquarters in Utah and not directly to hospitals in order to follow proper accounting/auditing procedures and receive the matching funds.

CU for kids

Since 1996, the CU4K program has raised more than $150M for children's hospitals. The hospitals provide 32 million patient visits for 10 million kids each year. Read More